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EMBO Molecular Medicine appoints Philippe Sansonetti as new Chief Editor


Heidelberg, 1 February 2017 – EMBO is pleased to announce the appointment of microbiologist Philippe Sansonetti as new Chief Editor of EMBO Molecular Medicine. Dr Sansonetti, who is the Director of the Molecular Microbial Pathogenesis Laboratory at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, takes up the post with immediate effect.


EMBO Molecular Medicine offers those working at the interface of clinical and basic research a widely visible Open Access forum for publishing high impact research. The journal employs all the EMBO Press transparency policies, including the publication of referee comments alongside editorial and author exchanges, referee-cross commenting and pre-decision author consultation.


Commenting on Sansonetti’s appointment, Bernd Pulverer, Head of Scientific Publications at EMBO, says: “Philippe enjoys a world-class reputation for his research in medical microbiology that bridges basic and translational research. His focus on disease and public health perfectly embodies the scope of the journal.”


Sansonetti has been part of EMBO Molecular Medicine’s editorial team since the journal’s inception in 2009. As senior editor, he has helped to develop the publication into a premier Open Access journal for translational research. With a global readership ranging from clinicians to molecular biologists, the journal helps to translate research effectively from bench to bedside.


In his new position as Chief Editor, Philippe Sansonetti plans to embrace the advances in molecular medicine in basic and clinical settings.


“Molecular medicine is on an ascending limb in all medical disciplines, covering diagnostics, therapeutics and prophylaxis in fields ranging from neuroscience and cardiology to infectious diseases and cancer. Even surgery benefits from a molecular understanding of tissue healing and organ repair” states Sansonetti. “My vision is to further develop EMBO Molecular Medicine into an inclusive forum that reflects the vibrant evolution of molecular medicine on all fronts.”


Sansonetti’s predecessor, renowned cardiovascular biologist Dr Stefanie Dimmeler, will continue to serve as Senior Editor for EMBO Molecular Medicine.


Pulverer notes: “Stefanie’s dedication and creativity catalyzed the journal’s success so far. I am pleased that she has agreed to continue to serve as a Senior Editor, and excited to see how the combination of our editorial team’s experience and Philippe’s vision will drive the future success of EMBO Molecular Medicine.”



Microbiologist Philippe Sansonetti trained as a medical doctor at the Université Paris VI, France before moving into research. In 1989 he founded and became the director of the Insitut Pasteur’s Molecular Microbial Pathogenesis Unit. He is Professor of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at the Collège de France. He has acted as Medical Director of the Institut Pasteur hospital, and held administrative positions at INSERM, the French Ministry of Research and Technology and the World Health Organisation.


Sansonetti’s research focuses on the molecular pathogenesis of bacterial infections. He has contributed detailed understanding of the molecular mechanisms through which Shigella invades and kills cells, and is developing vaccine candidates against this dysentery-causing bacterium. His work has been recognized by numerous awards and he is an elected member of national and international organisations, including EMBO, the French Academy of Sciences, The Royal Society and the US National Academy of Sciences.



Bernd PulvererBernd Pulverer
Head of Scientific Publications
Chief Editor, The EMBO Journal
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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