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Issue 24

An insatiable curiosity - interview with EMBO Member Cédric Blanpain


Cédric Blanpain is a professor of stem cell and developmental biology at the Free University of Brussels. His original approach to science has earned him a series of awards and resulted in several high-profile papers in 2012. In EMBOencounters, he talks to Yvonne Kaul about his career and his work on stem cells and cancer.


EMBO to celebrate 50th anniversary in 2014


2014 is the 50th anniversary of EMBO and a full programme of events and activities are planned throughout the year. The 50th anniversary is an opportunity to look back on achievements and reflect on progress. It is also a time to celebrate and take a glimpse into the future.


New prize for cancer research


The BEUG FOUNDATION FOR METASTASIS RESEARCH is accepting applications for the METASTASIS PRIZE. Scientists are still trying to understand how cancer spreads from the place where it first arises to other locations in the body, a process that can have dramatic consequences for the health of cancer patients. The Metastasis Prize is meant to encourage and help introduce new approaches to impede cancer metastasis.


Under one roof


The newly founded Berlin Institute of Health is poised to be one of the leading institutes for health research in Europe.


Institute of Functional Genomics, Lyon, moves to new building


Researchers at The Institute of Functional Genomics in Lyon, France, moved into a new state-of-the-art building in October 2012. The new 4500-m2 research facility is located in the biotechnology district of the south of Lyon.


The limits of privacy


Bartha Knoppers is a professor of law from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and an internationally recognized expert on the ethical aspects of genetics and biotechnology. She is one of the speakers at the upcoming Science & Society Conference on Public and Private Health: Genomics, Medicine and Society which will be held in Heidelberg from 7–8 November and her talk will focus on Large data collections: protecting research participants while allowing useful research. In an interview with EMBOencounters, she talks about the privacy of health information in the digital age.


Life sciences in Portugal

Progress despite recession


Science in Portugal benefits from generous private donations but needs to provide long-term stability for individual researchers. The budget has remained stable, yet has to be distributed to a growing pool of researchers.


Inside scientific publishing

The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment


More than 7000 scientists and 250 science organizations have by now put their names to a joint statement called the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA). The declaration calls on the world’s scientific community to avoid misusing the Journal Impact Factor in evaluating research for funding, hiring, promotion, or institutional effectiveness. Here EMBO Director Maria Leptin discusses some of the concerns and also provides her personal perspective about the use of Journal Impact Factors and the significance of the recommendations.


Productive collisions


Tom Cech is Director of the University of Colorado BioFrontiers Institute in the United States. In 1989, he and Sidney Altman were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of the catalytic properties of RNA molecules. Cech was President of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute from 2000–2009. Here he discusses science in Europe and activities closer to home in the United States.


EMBO conference takes to the sea


Almost 180 participants embarked on MS Trollfjord last May to learn the latest on molecular mechanisms of autophagy. The focus was on the regulation of autophagosome biogenesis and the role of selective types of autophagy in health and disease.



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