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EMBO at the ASCB Meeting 2016

EMBO take SmartFigures to the ASCB Meeting 2016

Heidelberg, 29 November 2016 - Following the launch of the SmartFigures Lab at The EMBO Meeting 2016, a team from EMBO will be present at the...

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Biannual meeting brings together EMBO Fellows in North America

Heidelberg, 21 November 2016 - More than 100 past and current EMBO Long-Term Fellows came together in Cambridge, Massachusetts...

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Organoids: Exploring the third dimension

21 October 2016 - For many decades, scientists have been culturing cells in two-dimensional monolayers on flat and rigid substrates. Although resear...

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Announcing the first ASCB | EMBO Meeting

Heidelberg 19 October - As part of its ongoing work to stimulate scientific exchange across the borders of Europe and beyond, EMBO has signed a two-...

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New eligibility criteria for Short-Term Fellowships

6 October 2016 - On 1 October the eligibility criteria for the EMBO Short-Term Fellowships changed. The new rules have been introduced to...

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Nobel Prize awarded to EMBO Associate Member

October 4, 2016 - EMBO congratulates Yoshinori Ohsumi, Tokyo Institute for Technology, Yokohama/Japan on the award of the Nobel Prize in Physiol...

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Mannheim meeting concludes The EMBO Meeting series

27 September 2016 - Between 10 and 13 September, more than 600 life scientists from across the world came together in Mannheim at The EMB...

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Moving on transient tracks

8 September 2016 – Microtubule research is as multifaceted as the structures themselves. Scientists in the field study the molecule’s structure and dynamics, ...

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Are biologists ready for preprints?

8 September 2016 – EMBO Associate Member Ron Vale and EMBO’s Head of Scientific Publications Bernd Pulverer make the case for the sharing of preprint...

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Brexit and research: goodbye EU money and colleagues?

8 September 2016 – A commentary by the previous EMBO Director Frank Gannon, published in EMBO Reports.

Frankly, I am not surpri...

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