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Access EMBO logo files and images for use online and in print.

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EMBO programme logos for EMBO community:

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EMBO Courses & Workshops stamps:

Reports & Brochures


EMBO provides the following reports and brochures to inform the life science community about its activities. Further news and information is available in EMBOencounters, our newsletter, and in our press releases.



Read about the EMBO vision for a thriving life science research community in Europe. See what some leading researchers have to say about what it takes to do the best science and the roles of EMBO programmes, activities and publications in enabling the best science.


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Annual facts & figures

Interested in the number of fellowships granted last year? To whom were they awarded? What countries are the awardees from; to where are they moving for their research? Find all the statistics for all programmes, activities and publications in the annual EMBO Facts & Figures booklet.


EMBO Facts & Figures 2014 (pdf)
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The EMBO Pocket Directory

Find out who the EMBO Members and EMBO Young Investigators are. Download a PDF booklet that lists all members and young investigators sorted by alphabet, by country of residence, and by subject area, or request a printed copy of the booklet. 


The EMBO Pocket Directory (PDF)

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EMBO in the news


Our press coverage contains a selection of recent articles mentioning EMBO and speakers at The EMBO Meeting:



21.12. 2015 Association for WiS Magazine - Exploring Quotas in Academia
18.12. 2015 Research Professional - Opportunity profile: EMBO seeks young original thinkers
2.11. 2015 La Vanguardia - La fórmula cientifica del éxito
27.10. 2015 Jornal Brasil - European Molecular Biology Organization
21.10. 2015 Pan European Networks - Analysis...The trouble with excellence 
17.10. 2015 The Japan Times - How male killers transform into caring parents
26.09. 2015 Can we go beyond quotas?
 Sept. 2015 Lab Times - EMBO goes East
 16.04.2015 GenomeWeb - NHLBI-led team untangles gene networks involved in blood pressure regulation
 19.03.2015 Science Business - How to boost the value of big science
 11.03.2015 Science Business - Genome editing: "completely futuristic"
 11.03.2015 Science Business - Scientists who work with industry: Not selling out
 27.01.2015 Lab Times - Treats for Reviewers and Editors
 01.01.2015 National Geographic - Insect-Eating bats may be Origin of Ebola Outbreak, New Study Suggests
 31.12.2014  The Times - Child's brush with a bat is source of ebola outbreak, scientists say
 30.12.2015  Science - Bat-filled tree may have been ground zero for the Ebola epidemic
 31.12.2014  Nature - New Clues to where the Ebola epidemic started
 31.12.2014  Scientific American - Where does Ebola come from?
 31.12.2014  Die Zeit - Robert-Koch-Institut: Fledermäuse womöglich Auslöser von Ebola
 31.12.2014  NZZ - Fledermäuse als Auslöser für Ebola
 31.12.2014  New York Times - Source of Ebola Outbreak in West Africa Might be Bats, Study Says
 30.12.2014  BBC.com - First Ebola boy likely infected by playing in bat tree
 30.12.2014  The Scientist - Molecular Hub of Autism
 30.12.2014  LA Times - Study narrows down genetic suspects in autism
 30.12.2014 genomeweb.com - Researchers Link Molecular Network to Autism Spectrum Disorders
 30.12.2014 Fox News - US Researchers identify gene network linked to autism


18 December 2014 Ciencia Hoje, Dois jovens cientistas portugueses entre oito distinguidos pela EMBO
10 December 2014 TV ciencia, Dos cientistas portugueses vencem premio da EMBO
24 November 2014 blogs.nature.com, Decoding neural circuit structure and function workshop
12 November 2014 APA-OTS, Johannes Zuber in das EMBO Young Investigators Programme aufgenommen
12 November 2014 CienciaHoje, Teresa Teiseira nomeada hoje EMBO Young Investigator
15 September 2014 Horizon Magazine, Committees should put talent ahead of quotas 
10 September 2014 La Stampa, Sei una brava madre o un pessimo padre? Lo decide il neurone
16 August 2014 El Pais, La aventura de la ciencia europea
15 August 2014 Science, New initiatives offer child-care solutions to traveling scientists
20 July 2014 Laborjournal, Klonale Tumore gefährden den Beuteteufel 
9 July 2014 Nature, 50 years of EMBO
9 July 2014 Lab Times, EMBO should speak for all biologists in Europe
23 May 2014 Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, The Faces of Big Science
20 May 2014 Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Orientierungslose Spermien
12 May 2014 The Guardian, Sperm's swimming and navigational skills disrupted by common chemicals
12 May 2014 The Huffington Post, Sperm cells are impaired by endocrine-disrupting chemicals in household items, study shows
12 May 2014 The Independent, Chemicals in soap can cause male infertility, claim scientists
9 May 2014 The Financial Times, Shaking the waves: how metabolism began
7 May 2014 ORF.at, Vier in Österreich tätige Forscher neue Mitglieder
7 May 2014 CienciaHoje, Margarida Amaral e Rui Costa eleitos para a EMBO
25 April 2014 Astrobiology Magazine, Life's Engine: The Early Ocean
25 April 2014 Wiener Zeitung, Stoffwechsel, bevor es Zellen gab
25 April 2014 New Scientist, Spark of Life: Metabolism appears in lab without cells
21 April 2014 Science Careers, Lab Management Courses: Becoming a Trainer
10 April 2014 El Mercurio, Con bacterias digestivas previenen, detectan y tratan enfermedades
4 April 2014 GEN News Highlights, New World of Micropeptides Glimpsed through Small Open Reading Frames
12 March 2014 New Scientist, It's all for one in sky-blue seafaring superorganism
12 March 2014 Ciência Hoje, Imagem da Caravela Portuguesa vence prémio Embo Journal 2014

21 February 2014

Science Careers, Learning to Lead a Lab

13 January 2014

Science Careers, A New Funding Model for Scientists

10 January 2014

Science Magazine, EMBO at 50

8 January 2014

derStandard.at, Radikaler Vorschlag zur Änderung der Forschungsförderung


18 December 2013

NaukawPolsce.pl, Polska biolog wyrozniona miedzynarodowym grantem

13 December 2013

CiênciaHoje, Cientistas portugueses na Europa

16 December 2013

The Scientist, Pondering Science Publishing

12 December 2013

TV Ciência, EMBO atribui Prémios de Instalação a dois cientistas portugueses

14 October 2013

F1000.com, "More of everything" at The EMBO Meeting in Amsterdam

18 September 2013

redOrbit, Fragile X Syndrom protein linked to breast cancer progression

18 September 2013

elEconomista.es, Las pacientes del síndrome de X frágil tienen más riesgo de padecer cáncer de mama y de sufrir metástasis

18 September 2013

la Repubblica, Tumori, scoperto meccanismo 'regista' della progressione cancro seno

18 September 2013

CORDIS: European Commission Community Research and Development Information Service, New pancreatic stem cell research could transform treatment

17 September 2013

Science Careers, Leadership Tips for Women

7 August 2013

APA, Neuer Ansatz für die Behandlung von Brustkrebs

1 August 2013

The Telegraph, Scientific research should get more public funding

23 July 2013

Polish Press Agency, Nowa metoda leczenia raka piersi

23 July 2013

L'Hebdo, Cancer du sein: des chercheurs détectent un nouveau point d'attaque

23 July 2013

Der Bote, Neuer Angriffspunkt für Krebstherapie

17 July 2013

Nature, Turning point: Thijn Brummelkamp
16 July 2013 The Node, An interview with Maria Leptin
June 2013 Lab Times, Opportunities for relocating scientists
24 June 2013 Berliner Zeitung, Gut gegen Alzheimer, schlecht für die Muskeln
5 June 2013 University Affairs, Tri-Councils should learn from EMBO fellowships
3 June 2013 El Confidencial, La corrupción es una de las principales causas de la fuga de talento en España
26 May 2013 El Pais, Atracción y consolidación del talento científico en España
8 May 2013 Nature, Spotlight on Women in Science
3 May 2013 La Stampa, Staminali, 13 big bacchettano l'Italia: "Regole sotto attacco, intervenga l'Ue"
3 May 2013 La Repubblica, Staminali, l'appello di 13 big mondiali "In Italia regole sotto attacco, intervenga la Ue"
3 May 2013 Corriere della Sera, Scienziati contro il metodo Stamina «Infrante regole, intervenga la Ue»
26 April 2013 L'Alsace, « Le séquençage du génome n'explique pas tout »
29 March 2013 Food Safety News, Livestock-to-Human MRSA Transmission Confirmed
28 March 2013 Wired, Gene Sequencing Pinpoints Antibiotic Resistance Moving From Livestock to Humans
27 March 2013 Definitive Link Confirms Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Transmits from Livestock to Humans
21 March 2013 Nature, Turning point: Bruno Reversade
13 February 2013 Scientific American, Providing context for the metrics used to evaluate the scientific literature


20 December 2011 Nature Jobs, Would you return to your home country to set up a lab?
1 December 2011 Times Higher Education, 'Research suffers if scientists are forced to marry for money'
25 November 2011 PublicService.co.uk, Europe must suport R&D to thrive
8 November 2011 FAZ.net, Da zappelt die Seele
26 October 2011 Die Stadtredaktion, Molekularbiologe Bruce Edgar und Krebsstammzellforscher Andreas Trumpp fur Leistungen in den Lebenswissenschaften geehrt
26 October 2011 primaSonntag, Jörg Vogel ist ein Top-Forscher
26 October 2011 Nature, Regional pact formed
24 October 2011 Der Standard, "Die meisten Wissenschaftler sind einfach conservative"
24 October 2011 Labo.de, Prof Volker Doetsch zum EMBO Mitglied ernannt
21 October 2011 Myscience.ch, Prog Gian Paolo Dotto elu a l'EMBO
20 October 2011 CBG News, Karla Neugebauer has been elected to EMBO members
19 October 2011 Encyclopedia Brittanica, Nobel Prizes: Jules A Hoffmann
17 October 2011 Science Business, EMBO and Singapore sign cooperation agreement
13 October 2011 Business AsiaOne, New platforms for Singapore, Europe scientists to collaborate on research
29 September 2011 The Hindu, New light shed on how memory is organised
29 September 2011 Wired Science, Brainwave Delay Makes Rats Feel Teleported
28 September 2011 ScienceNews, Food makes male flies frisky
28 September 2011 ScienceNOW, Beam Me Up, Ratty
23 September 2011 OE1 @ orf.at, Dimensionen - die Welt der Wissenschaft
14 September 2011 WDR5, Darwin wackelt: Umweltfaktoren sind doch vererbbar
13 September 2011 ORF, "Worter sind wie Gene"
04 April 2011 Public Service Review, Molecular Bonds
11 March 2011 El País, Ciencia contra la resignación
11 March 2011 Science, Reentering Academia - A Success Story
09 February 2011 Nature, Turning Point: Cory Dunn
24 January 2011 Nature, Transparency in peer review
09 January 2011 FAZ.net, Freibrief zum Missbrauch oder Schutzschild?
08 January 2010 Science, Spreading the spirit of EMBO

EMBO Encounters


Autumn 2015


Inside scientific publishing graph

The numbers speak for themselves

Interview with Detlef Weigel on the representation of women in academia and his role in the EMBO-led study on gender quotas.

Read more

EMBO Associate Member Thomas Cech

iBG-izmir – a model for the region

Opened in September, the institute is the largest public research investment in the history of Turkey and has strong ties with EMBO.

Read more

EMBO Associate Member Thomas Cech

EMBO Workshops in Arolla

A "happening" rather than a meeting that was set up more than 40 years ago. Personal memories by early participant, EMBO Member Klaus Scherrer.

Read more

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The next EMBOencounters issue – Spring 2016– will be dispatched in February 2016.

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by 21 January 2016.

Summer 2015


Inside scientific publishing graph

Excellence is a choice

Emmanuelle Charpentier talks about her role in the discovery of the CRISPR-Cas9 technology for gene editing and what it is like to suddenly step into the public spotlight

Read more

EMBO Associate Member Thomas Cech

EMBO Gold Medallists meet in Singapore

The EMBO Gold Medallist Symposium 2015 took place at the Biopolis in Singapore from 11-13 May. More than 450 scientists heard talks from previous winners of the EMBO Gold Medal.

Read more

EMBO Associate Member Thomas Cech

Microorganisms for a better world

EMBO Member Mike Jetten has spent his career looking for difficult-to-find bacteria that offer new ways to improve the environment and health. The long-term goal is to build sustainable economies focused on applications arising from newly discovered microorganisms.

Read more

Read full issue


The next EMBOencounters issue – Autumn 2015– will be dispatched in October 2015.

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by 14 September 2015.

Winter 2014/15


Inside scientific publishing graph

The EMBO Meeting comes to Birmingham

The EMBO Meeting 2015 will take place at the ICC in Birmingham, England, on 5-8 September.

Read more

EMBO Associate Member Thomas Cech

We need a CERN for genomics

Emmanouil Dermitzakis talks to Thomas Lemberger about the functional use of population genomics, disease biology as well as the power and challenges of large-scale sequencing projects.

Read more

EMBO Associate Member Thomas Cech

Parents help find diagnosis for rare disease

EMBO Member Lars Steinmetz and Associate Member Shinya Yamanaka are part of an international team trying to find a solution for NGLY1 deficiency, an extremely rare genetic disorder.

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The next EMBOencounters issue – Summer 2015– will be dispatched in July 2015.

Please send your suggestions, contributions and news, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
by 15 May 2015.

Autumn 2014


EMBO and Poland

The recent international BIO 2014 Congress gave scientists in Poland the opportunity to present their latest research and discuss the progress of science.

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Discovery Centre opens in Dundee

On the 1st October, Sir Paul Nurse, Secretary General of EMBO, officially opened the new £ 26 million Discovery Centre at the University of Dundee.

Read more

The mental maps of bees

EMBO Member Randolf Menzel discusses his recent paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences about a proof for the existence of mental maps in honeybees.

Read more



Read full issue

The next EMBOencounters issue – Winter 2014|2015 – will be dispatched in February 2015.

Please send your suggestions, contributions and news, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
by 9 January 2015.

Summer 2014


Alexander Levitzki

Meet the Scientist:

Lord Robert May

EMBO enlarges its membership to include evolution, ecology and neurosciences. New member Robert May talks about his career and his time as Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK government and President of the Royal Society

Read more


EMBO Press logo

Darwin in the desert

DARWIN 21 - a project led by EMBO Member Heribert Hirt in the desert sands of Saudi Arabia to engineer plants that are more resistant to drought and produce higher yields.
Read more

NCBS building in Bangalore

Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz

An interview with the President of the American Society for Cell Biology for 2014 about the challenges of her job at the helm of the organization and evolving topics in cell biology.

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Read full issue

The next EMBOencounters issue – Autumn 2014 – will be dispatched in October 2014.

Please send your suggestions, contributions and news, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
by 14 September 2014.



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