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Advice for organizers

To assist you when applying for funding and to increase the chances of your Courses & Workshops application being selected for funding, please consider the following points regarding:


Applicant & Co-organizers

  • It is expected that the organizing committee rotate for repeat EMBO Workshops or EMBO Conferences, with no one scientific organizer involved with organizing three consecutive conferences or workshops (the rule does not apply for EMBO Practical Courses or Lecture Courses).
  • Co-organizers should be from more than one institute, ideally from several countries.


Dates & Location

  • Duration should be sufficient to cover the topic in sufficient depth.
  • The venue should have suitable facilities and preferably accommodation should be onsite or close-by.
  • Priority is given to EMBO Courses & Workshops taking place in EMBC Member States and in cooperating partner countries.

Topic & Programme

  • Topics should be timely and preferably not in an area where there is already an overabundance of meetings.
  • If the topic is similar to an on-going EMBO Conference Series, please clearly indicate the unique focus of your meeting.
  • Please ensure that feedback from the previous meeting is given to the EMBO Courses & Workshops office prior to submitting your application. If there was any negative feedback please indicate your attempts to rectify these issues in the current application.
  • The programme should be sufficiently detailed to list session themes and the status of speakers (either confirmed or unconfirmed) should be clearly stated.
  • Enough time should be planned for discussion and there should be sessions that promote interactions between the participants.
  • Poster sessions should be held at a time that encourages maximal attendance and in a room with sufficient space.


Participants & Speakers

  • The approximate size of the various EMBO funded meetings should be as follows: not more than 25 participants (excluding speakers) for a practical course; not more than 120 participants (including speakers) for a workshop; greater than 150 participants (including speakers) for a conference series.
  • Ideally, early stage participants should have the opportunity to attend.
  • Not more than 15 % of participants should be from the host country (applicable only to the EMBO Courses & Workshops taking place in EMBC Member States).
  • At least two-thirds of participants should be resident in EMBC Member States (applicable only to the EMBO Courses & Workshops taking place in EMBC Member States).
  • Participants should not be restricted to pre-defined participants (whether this be an EU-network or other defined group).
  • When selecting participants, you are requested to consider the commitment of EMBO to a reasonable gender balance in all EMBO activities.
  • Equally you should try to avoid any significant regional bias.
  • There should be enough speakers to cover the topic in sufficient depth but without making the programme overly dense.
  • It is expected that at least 50% of the speakers are different between subsequent conferences in a series.
  • Organizers are strongly encouraged to aim for a minumum of 30% female representation when selecting speakers (if there is a lower proportion justification must be provided).


Frequently Asked Questions

Attending EMBO Courses & Workshops


Q. Can I get funding to attend EMBO Courses & Workshops or The EMBO Meeting?


Q. How are EMBO travel grant awardees selected?


Q. I am a national from country X: am I eligible to receive EMBO travel grants?


Q. What are the priority countries for EMBO travel grants?


Q. Are the travel grants strictly restricted to the priority countries stated in the EMBO guidelines?


Q. I am an EMBO Fellow /  Young Investigator / Installation Grantee.  Will my application to attend an event get priority?


Q. I am an EMBO Young Investigator / Installation Grantee. Will EMBO provide meeting support for me or for a member of my lab?


Applying to organize EMBO Courses & Workshops


Q. What kind of events does EMBO support?


Q. What are the application deadlines?


Q. How long in advance do I need to apply for funding?


Q. Is the 1 August deadline only for events happening in the second half of the calendar year?


Q. Can I apply at the 1 March deadline for EMBO Courses & Workshops taking place in the same year?


Q. When will I hear the outcome of my application?


Q. If I have not completed my application before the submission deadline, can I complete the same proposal and submit it at the next application deadline?


Q. How are applications evaluated?


Q. Who is on the evaluation committee?


Q. What support is offered to EMBO Courses & Workshops?


Q. In which countries can EMBO Courses & Workshops be held?


Q. Which are the EMBC Member States?


Q. What is the maximum financial support available from EMBO?


Q. When will I receive the EMBO financial support?


Q. What can the EMBO financial support be used to cover? 


Q. What is an "ideal" location for EMBO Courses & Workshops?


Q. Must participants and speakers be accommodated in one location?


Q. Must the speakers be confirmed at the time of application?


Q. What is considered a "reasonable gender balance"?


Q. At least 2/3 of participants should be resident in EMBC Member States (applicable only to the EMBO Courses & Workshops taking place in EMBC Member States) – does this rule apply to speakers as well?


Q. Not more than 15% of participants should be from the host country (applicable only to the EMBO Courses & Workshops taking place in EMBC Member States).
We selected 18 American speakers out of 40 (45%), and the remaining 22 speakers are from EMBC Member States. Does this rule refer to both speakers and participants? 


Q. Is the number of host country participants really limited to 15%?


Q. EMBO Press editors attending EMBO Courses & Workshops 


Q. How much can we charge as a registration fee?


Q. Must the registration fee cover the accommodation as well?


Q. Where can I find a list of EMBO Members and EMBO Young Investigators?


Q. What is the maximum number of EMBO Keynote Lectures and/or EMBO Young Investigator Lectures that EMBO will support at one meeting?


Q. Can I have the email/postal addresses of EMBO Members and EMBO Young Investigators to promote our meeting?


Q. What promotional materials does EMBO provide?


Q. Can we print our logo on the EMBO bag?


Q. Can I include our meeting on the EMBO Calendar of Events?


Q. I've applied to EMBO for funding but I need to print my poster before hearing the decision: can I use the EMBO logo or must I wait until I hear whether the event will be funded or not?


1 March and 1 August for conferences, workshops, practical courses, lecture courses and Global Exchange lecture courses planned for the following year.


1 March for EMBO | FEBS lecture courses planned for the following year.


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