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Advice for organizers

To assist you when applying for funding and to increase the chances of your Courses & Workshops application being selected for funding, please consider the following points regarding:


Applicant & Co-organizers

  • It is encouraged to rotate the organizing committee for repeat EMBO Workshops or EMBO Conferences (the rule does not apply for EMBO Practical Courses or Lecture Courses).
  • Co-organizers should be from more than one institute, ideally from several countries.


Dates & Location

  • Duration should be sufficient to cover the topic in sufficient depth.
  • The venue should have suitable facilities and preferably accommodation should be onsite or close-by.
  • Priority is given to EMBO Courses & Workshops taking place in EMBC Member States and in cooperating partner countries.

Topic & Programme

  • Topics should be timely and preferably not in an area where there is already an overabundance of meetings.
  • If the topic is similar to an on-going EMBO Conference Series, please clearly indicate the unique focus of your meeting.
  • Please ensure that feedback from the previous meeting is given to the EMBO Courses & Workshops office prior to submitting your application. If there was any negative feedback please indicate your attempts to rectify these issues in the current application.
  • The programme should be sufficiently detailed to list session themes and the status of speakers (either confirmed or unconfirmed) should be clearly stated.
  • Enough time should be planned for discussion and there should be sessions that promote interactions between the participants.
  • Poster sessions should be held at a time that encourages maximal attendance and in a room with sufficient space.


Participants & Speakers

  • The approximate size of the various EMBO funded meetings should be as follows: not more than 25 participants (excluding speakers) for a practical course; not more than 120 participants (including speakers) for a workshop; greater than 150 participants (including speakers) for a conference series.
  • Ideally, early stage participants should have the opportunity to attend.
  • Not more than 15 % of participants should be from the host country (applicable only to the EMBO Courses & Workshops taking place in EMBC Member States).
  • At least two-thirds of participants should be resident in EMBC Member States (applicable only to the EMBO Courses & Workshops taking place in EMBC Member States).
  • Participants should not be restricted to pre-defined participants (whether this be an EU-network or other defined group).
  • When selecting participants, you are requested to consider the commitment of EMBO to a reasonable gender balance in all EMBO activities.
  • Equally you should try to avoid any significant regional bias.
  • There should be enough speakers to cover the topic in sufficient depth but without making the programme overly dense.
  • It is expected that at least 50% of the speakers are different between subsequent conferences in a series.
  • Organizers are strongly encouraged to aim for a minumum of 30% female representation when selecting speakers (if there is a lower proportion justification must be provided).

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